Short-Term Visa

The short-term study immigration route allows students to come to the UK to undertake a short period of study where the duration is less than six months or a part-time course. This Visa is not a part of the Home Office Point Based System (PBS).

Who can apply for a Short-term study visa?

  • Students who are doing a short course of study in the UK
  • Students from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland (Please note that this route is not yet open to EEA citizens. It will be changing from 1 December 2020)
  • Students meet the other eligibility requirements


  • Non-visa nationals can apply for free Short Term Study Visa on arrival.
  • There is no level requirement – the course can be at any level.
  • There is no restriction and the students on Short Term Study Visa can study in their chosen institution.

Things to consider when applying for Short Term Study Visa:

  • Short Term Study Visa lasts for maximum of 6 months.
  • This type of visa cannot be extended in the UK and students have to return to their home country once they have completed their course.

How to apply for Short Term Study Visa

Short Term Study Visa must be applied from home country if the student is from a visa national country.

A non – visa national do not need to apply for Short Term Study Visa before coming to the UK. They can get it free on arrival.

The students need to submit their respective visa application by completing an online application on the Home Office website. As a part of the application students must attend the BHC in their home country in person and have their biometric data (fingerprints) taken.

What documents do I need to submit with an application for Short Term Study Visa?

Along with your application you will need to submit the following documents:

  • a visa support letter from the college
  • proof that you have enough money to pay for your course and to live in London

Getting a Short Term Study Visa on arrival

Students can get a Short Term Study Visa on arrival only if you are a non – visa national. They will need:

  • a course must be booked before coming to the UK
  • to have Student Visa support letter to show at immigration on arrival
  • let the immigration officer know that a course is booked and want to have a Short Term Study Visa

If the students are a visa national, they must get their visa before arriving in the UK.

Short Term Study Visa fees

The cost of Short Term Study Visa is £97 for visa nationals and non-visa nationals applying for a visa before they arrive in the UK.
It is free for non-visa nationals applying for Short Term Study Visa on arrival.

Length of Short Term Study Visa

Short Term Study Visa lasts for 6 months.

How will my Short Term Study Visa look like?

If you are applying for your Short Term Study Visa from overseas, a green colour visa sticker will be endorsed in your passport. It will have the date your visa is valid from, and the date of expiry. It will include letters ‘Short Term Study Visa’ to show the type of your visa.

If you are getting your visa on arrival, you will not have a sticker in your passport. Instead, you will have your passport stamped in immigration, and officer will add letters ‘VST’ next to the stamp. (This is the difference between Short Term Study Visa and Visitor Visa).
Please check that the date of entry is clear on the entry stamp. If you cannot read it, ask the officer to stamp it again.

Will I be able to work in the UK?

Short Term Study Visa does not give the right to work in the UK.